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Pediatric Dentistry

As dental phobias begin in early childhood and often continue into adulthood, it is of paramount importance that children have positive experiences and find their “dental home” as early as possible. It is our goal to slowly introduce young children to our office and all the interesting things they will find within a dental office. We follow the child's lead in what can be accomplished without causing any anxiety.  Many parents start bringing their little ones around 2 - 3 years of age to watch mom or dad get their teeth cleaned.

Our goal is to help parents and children establish sound eating and oral care habits which reduces the chances of later tooth decay.  In addition to providing check ups and dental cleanings, our hygienists are also able to apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to young teeth, advise parents on thumb- sucking/pacifier/smoking cessation, and provide good demonstrations of brushing and flossing.

If you have questions or concerns about pediatric dentistry, please contact our office.


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